Dec. 26th, 2010 11:58 pm
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I've been trying to stay involved in my work, even if that means a short sketch every few days. I've only done a couple of drawings, along with beginning a painting. These sketches have taken very little time, but I already feel they are important and will help me develop better technical skills in my artwork. I haven't been too bothered by being super realistic in my work recently; however, I still wish to train my eye to pick up subtle details. These quick sketches have been helpful.

Here is my first sketch of the Little Mermaid statue:

Second sketch:


Nov. 10th, 2010 08:11 am
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"Caught" 2010.

John 8: 2-11
It's been awhile since I posted anything because of school and probably time management issues. I have a couple of more projects in the works, which I will hopefully have ready sometime next week!
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"The Woman at the Well" (2010)


Both of these are paintings from the past few months! Both are oil on canvas. I'll share a few more over the next few days.
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Latest painting! This one is probably my favorite...though every new piece usually feels that way.

I hate that the quality is so bad, but the medium I mixed with the paint tends to create a shinier finish. Flash = Glare. :(

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